Marcont Structures is a leader in the metallurgical industry at the national level and a reference player at the continental level.

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Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain

Since its creation, Marcont Structures has succeeded in establishing long-term commercial relationships with its partners in the countries where it exports its products, as shown below, the countries where we export more than 40% of our production.

On a total of 2 production sites spread over 15 hectares, more than 100,000 masts are produced, handled, transported and shipped to more than 20 countries in the course of a year by the services that ensure logistics. Our Logistics and Supply Chain departments benefit from a large and sophisticated machine park, lifting and handling equipment…

Our deliveries are made from our site in Morocco to Africa, to the port of embarkation for export. For Morocco, a fleet of crane trucks delivers with unloading facilities.

Equipped with specific optimization tools, this department is committed to communicating the date and time of delivery before the order leaves, both for single or multi-destination changes and for rounds.

Design and Manufacturing

Our design and development studio works closely and jointly with the technical department to translate the imaginations of our designers and clients into real projects that bring ideas to life and transform public spaces into spaces of conviviality and sometimes a museum of metal sculpture open to the world.

Thanks to the competence and ability of our experienced metallurgists, and the use of efficient manufacturing techniques based on the use of state-of-the-art, high-capacity machinery, we are able to meet deadlines and provide our customers with an impeccable product.

To ensure a strong, durable and functional pole and lamp post, we hold our products and processes to the highest standards, relying on strict raw material selection, with continuous evaluation of sourcing and procurement methods and strict raw material inspection.

Marcont Structures has a vast knowledge in metal transformation such as :

Longitudinal and transverse cutting of sheet metal coils, Sheet metal cutting (guillotine, laser, oxygen and plasma cutting), Cutting and drilling of profiles, Bending of sheet metal, Longitudinal welding (laser, MIG MAG and submerged arc), Automatic welding, Stamping, Bending, Profiling, Turning and machining.

Galvanization and Surface Treatment

Hot-dip galvanizing fully protects the pole, both inside and out, and no other anti-corrosion process can achieve the complete and effective protection that galvanizing can guarantee.

The galvanization process is done in a liquid zinc bath by immersing the poles, masts, accessories and related equipment, in the zinc bath, cast in a temperature of 450ºC.

Galvanizing is done by the metallic contact between the steel part and the zinc in the bath, to give the steel part a resistance to corrosion, which can only be achieved by this process.

Painting and Finishing

To meet functional requirements, support corrosion resistance depending on environments and customer preferences, as well as aesthetic requirements, Marcont Structures has well established a multitude of color choices in its catalog in the chapter Macont Colori (click here)

This process is carried out in a completely automated painting line, and it is based on Epoxy and/or Polyester powder painting thermo-lacquered at 200ºC according to our customers’ requirements.

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