Marcont Structures is a leader in the metallurgical industry at the national level and a reference player at the continental level.

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Research & Development approach

Our R&D objective

Technical excellence and innovation

To develop and provide solutions for our customers and partners, while continuously improving our quality and reliability performance.

In Macont Structures’ Research & Development department, engineers and technicians perform various types of assignments, including:

  • The development of new solutions.
  • The development of new prototypes.
  • Improvement of production processes.

Through regular and highly appreciated exchanges with our customers, Marcont Structures develops innovative metallurgical solutions in partnership with major industrial companies in the field of public lighting, and maintains close ties with recognized university laboratories. This industry-research link is essential to go beyond a superficial and empirical understanding of physical phenomena, and to propose a more rational innovation based on a rigorous scientific approach.

The engineers that make up our R&D department work in a culture that encourages idea generation and perfection to the max. The end result is a constant stream of design, process and product innovations, reinforcing Marcont Structures’ position as the national and African leader in the design and manufacture of street lighting and telecommunication poles.

When you choose Marcont Structure’s products and solutions, you can be sure that your project will benefit from the dedicated efforts of our research and development department.

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