Marcont Structures is a leader in the metallurgical industry at the national level and a reference player at the continental level.

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Quality policy

Environmental quality policy

We comply with the applicable product requirements.

Marcont Structures is an industrial company specializing in the manufacture of poles and columns for public lighting, telecommunication signalling and energy transmission. In the context of compliance with applicable environmental product requirements, including customer, legal and regulatory requirements and the expectations of relevant stakeholders.

Marcont is committed to pursuing an approach that includes quality and environmental management while meeting the requirements of ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 version 2015.

In order to concretize our strategy, we have defined the following strategic axes:

  • Improved operational efficiency by enhancing quality and service.
  • Development of new products to expand market segmentation.
  • Digitalization of information.
  • Preservation of the environment by reducing environmental impacts.

Within this framework of continuous improvement and dynamic progress, Marcont structures asks all its employees to understand, integrate and adhere to our integrated “Quality-Environment” management system on a daily basis.

A responsible quality approach

Quality has always been at the heart of our concerns.

Within the framework of this management system policy, Marcont Structures is committed to providing the resources and means necessary to develop and improve our integrated “Quality-Environment” management system, and the deployment of clear objectives at all levels of the company. Marcont is thus committed to participate in the protection of the environment by preventing pollution and reducing significant environmental impacts.

Engagement environnemental

Marcont Structures : responsable envers toutes les parties prenantes, notamment notre mère la nature.

Marcont Structures is a company responsible to all stakeholders, mainly our mother nature, to keep life on earth for us and future generations, which we are committed to produce sustainably and responsibly products that use less energy with high efficiency.

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